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The Ultimate Guide to Skip Hire for Construction Sites

As many contractors well know, construction projects inevitably result in waste. Whether it’s materials found at the site on arrival or off-cuts from the new work, having a safe spot to dispose of waste is invaluable within the construction industry. For any project, therefore, trade waste removal services are employed, including through the use of a skip rental.

In this article from A39 Skip Hire, you can learn about the uses and benefits of renting a skip for a construction site. We’ll also cover why you should consider our services for your next project, thanks to our unique and various advantages.

The Benefits of Using a Skip

There are several benefits to hiring a skip, important to any construction project. To find out what these are and how they will impact your worksite, read on into this section. 

Reduces The Risk of Accidents

As the saying goes, accidents happen. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the chances of one happening. By using a skip, you can ensure that waste on site is properly disposed of, and stop employees from tripping over dangerous materials. Broken items can also be sharp, risking staff from being impaled or scratched by sharp surfaces.

Prevents Tip Runs

Tip runs can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention the transportation costs. Often, to fit within a project budget, tip runs are simply not doable. Thankfully, skip rental services can help, with a spot to dispose of waste being readily accessible at all times. Depending on the company you opt to hire a skip from, you will likely not need to return the skip either, meaning the waste is picked up for you.

Keeps Companies Compliant

Waste regulations in the UK are designed to prevent certain materials from being disposed of in ordinary household waste. These rules may seem excessive, but have been created for good reason. Improper disposal of waste can cause issues like fires, not to mention serious harm to the environment. 

Things to Consider

Before hiring a skip, there are some things you should consider. From the different shapes and sizes of skips to the different companies that lease them, each skip hire will have individual rules. 


Before having your skip rental delivered, it’s important to decide where the skip should be placed. The skip hire company you choose will need to know where the product should be delivered, as well as where to remove it from at a later point.


Choosing the right size is important, as the wrong size skip can impact the way your construction site benefits. A skip that is too small can lead to overfilling, creating an area that is covered by waste that then becomes a hazard. On the other hand, a skip too large can take up precious and needed space on a worksite.

To find the right size, it’s important to understand the scale of your project. Some projects produce a lot of waste, whereas others keep waste minimal. You can also get the advice of a professional, who will be able to provide the right information for your unique circumstances. 


While most companies offer to pick and remove the skip they hire you, it’s not always a given. Check any contracts beforehand to double-check whether the transportation needs to be arranged. If so, you will need the right tools for the job, equipped with a vehicle that can safely withstand the weight.

On the other hand, if transportation is taken care of by the skip rental company, it’s vital to ensure the company can safely drop off and collect the skip from your site. Make sure entranceways are clear, allowing the large vehicle needed for the transportation. 

Know Your Skip Rental Rules

When it comes to renting a skip, it’s vital to understand the rules that come along with it. Any contract you sign will be binding, ensuring both parties are well-protected. Breaking the rules could leave you with a large fine, so it’s important to fully adhere to the rules. Find out more in this section, explaining the basic rules of skip rentals. 

The Rental Period

Each company that offers skip hire will have a set rental period, allowing you to pay for a specific amount of days. After this period, the skip will need to be returned. If the time frame needs to be extended, it’s vital to make sure that is agreed upon with the owner. If the contract is broken, there will be charges, so it’s important to stay within the rules.

Prohibited Items

There are some materials and products that should not be put in a skip, as they can create a dangerous environment and potentially begin fires. Different businesses will have their own limitations, however, as a good rule of thumb, it is essential not to put in hazardous materials.

Some hazardous items that should not be put in include:

  • Asbestos

  • Fridges

  • Batteries

  • Plasterboard

  • Medical waste

  • TVs

The Height of Waste

When disposing of waste in a skip, it is important to be aware of the height limit. Most companies will not allow you to overfill a skip, as it can be dangerous. Waste can fall from the skip during transportation and use. 

Other Conditions

Each different skip rental company will have their own terms and conditions, which makes it important to ensure that you fully understand what you’re agreeing to before renting a skip. Other potential rules include notifying the owner of any damage to the skip while in your possession. Likewise, some skip rental companies will not allow the skip they have dropped off to be moved around the site.

Our Services

At A39 Services, we can provide your construction site with all the necessary equipment needed for the safe disposal of waste. From skip rentals to recycling trade waste, our services can help you get the job done right. Having the tools for trade waste removal is important to ensure that you and your staff are properly looked after while on site. As a cost-effective solution, skip rentals can help you stay within budget.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in our services, visit our website to find out more about us, or get in touch directly with our team today. 

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